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Budget-Friendly Strategies to Get and Stay Healthy

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When attempting to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, small changes you make in your everyday life can really add up. There's no singular big secret to being healthy from head-to-toe. However, the good news is that by tweaking your schedule and altering how you approach your day, you can get on the road to sustaining a healthy lifestyle starting today. Moreover, these changes are budget-friendly, and they don't require a huge time investment.


Get Your Exercise


Even if your free time is in short supply, finding time every day for exercise is a must. Even just seven minutes a day can drastically improve your health by lowering your risk for a heart attack or stroke, balancing your blood sugar levels, and enhancing your mental focus. Besides, maintaining a healthy BMI has been linked to a longer life expectancy and a better chance at having a disease-free life.

If you're on a budget, CNBC notes a gym membership may not be feasible, as those monthly fees never stop and tend to rise over time. But that's not a problem. Instead, bring the gym to

your home by creating a space dedicated to exercise. Depending on your goals and your available space, you can get free weights or an exercise machine to build muscle, a stationary bike or treadmill for cardiovascular workouts, and a wearable activity tracker and a smart scale to keep tabs on your progression.


Even if you spend a bit right now furnishing your home gym, you will save money in the long run compared to an ongoing gym membership. Plus, if you shop with retailers like Best Buy, you not only find a good selection, you can rely on a price match guarantee. You can also look for Best Buy coupons for purchasing exercise equipment and other health-related gear while staying within your budget. In the end, your new home gym will be far less expensive than that membership, and it’s far more convenient, too.


Eat Right


While there is no diet plan that is perfect for everybody in every situation, generally speaking you should avoid empty calories and eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can protect against cancer, improve your cardiovascular health, lower your blood pressure, and even help you lose weight.

While healthy foods can cost more, a study found that healthy food only costs an extra $1.50 per day when compared to the most unhealthy food. The quality of life improvement is priceless, so even for those on a budget, that's money well spent.


Drink Water


Drinking more water is multi-pronged winner of a decision. First of all, water is inexpensive so drinking more water and less of other, costlier beverages (sorry, Starbucks) will help you stretch your budget. Secondly, drinking water maximizes your physical performance by keeping you hydrated, which makes exercising easier and more productive. Finally, drinking water can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and allowing you to burn more calories.


Actively De-stress

Stress is harmful to your health and, according to the Mayo Clinic, can lead to everything from problems falling asleep to serious heart issues. However, while life today is hectic, you aren't defenseless. You can actively de-stress by scheduling time everyday to meditate or simply relax without any cords attached.

All in all, de-stressing is free or nearly free. You can read a book, take a bath, enjoy a hobby, listen to music, or do something else that doesn't involve your email, social media, or anything else in your life that causes stress. If you add exercise to your daily routine, that in itself will help lower your stress levels, which gives you another reason to complete your home gym.


Being healthy doesn’t need to tax your money or time. Even if you're watching pennies, taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle is something you can start today. By prioritizing exercise, making sure you eat the right foods, drinking lots of water, and not letting stress overrun your everyday life, you can get healthy and, more importantly, stay healthy.



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