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Essential oils are powerful! I am here to help you learn how to use them to create greater health. It's time to live better!

What Hippocrates said almost 2000 years ago still holds true today. Essential oils pair with nutrition to support lasting health & happiness.

I Am Here for You

With so much information online about how to take care of our health, it can feel overwhelming to know what tools to use to make the biggest difference. I am the person who really wants to help you learn to use your doTerra oils and products to make your life easier and more natural. You will always have the support you need to move forward without worrying about not knowing where to start. I wish I had someone like me to help me on my health journey, but back when I was a young, sick mom nobody was talking about natural solutions. I had to figure things out myself. I am here for you so you don't have to do it alone.

Do you know that you do not have to place an order every month, purchase any minimum amount or sell anything to get the very best WHOLESALE PRICES? Yes, that is true, as a Wellness Customer you get all the same benefits and pricing that I do, and if you decide that you would like to add doTerra as an income stream, you can do that at no additional charge! (There are some requirements to get paid.) 


  Thank goodness I agreed to try doTerra essential oils! I had no idea that these drops had benefits far beyond the scent, which is what I thought. We use them for everything from stuffiness to digestive upsets, painful joints to better sleep, less anxiousness and immune boosting.  I am a total believer and I'd love to help you and your family feel as good as I do naturally. 

On your journey to live your best, choose to only use the best when it comes to essential oils. It's important to choose something you can trust. Using the most pure essential oils on the planet opens up a whole new world of possibilities to you and those you love. 
Those who use doTERRA essential oils typically find that they are so helpful and effective, they can't help but share them with others! As they do, they're excited to learn about all doTERRA has to offer, including an incredible compensation plan. 

Expand What's Possible

With pure essential oils, we can experience greater health and wellness than ever before... all while making a major positive difference in the world. 


Learn how to use doTERRA essential oils to live well and feel better faster.


Share natural solutions with those you care about so they can live well also.


Join with us to share hope and make this world a better place together.

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